We are committed to providing the greatest flexibility and highest payouts to meet your needs

Payout Cash

About Us

AnnuityDirect.com is here to help you achieve your immediate financial goals by leveraging assets that are currently restricted in annuities and structured settlements. Some of the most common reasons our clients seek our assistance include:
  • Paying Off Debts
  • Home Purchase or Renovations
  • Funding Education

  • Divorce
  • Starting a Business
  • Investment Opportunities


We Guarantee to Get You the Highest Payout

Annuities and structured settlements are valuable long term assets that many rely on for sources of income or retirement. When your circumstances require money in hand, we understand that you want the maximum value.

There are many factors that go into calculating the current value to determine a payout, ranging from the terms of the asset and current market conditions. We strive to offer market leading payout offers to our customers in all cases. If you receive a better verified quote from a competitor, we can match or beat it by up to $500.


How It Works

AnnuityDirect.com's is dedicated to ensuring you get the highest quality of service and greatest financial returns if you choose to liquidate an asset. While there are many buyers of annuities and structured settlements that you can choose from, they are certainly not all created equal.

Our team has worked tirelessly to evaluate many of the leading buyers and established a network of the highest quality ones. By placing a request with us, or calling, we will connect you with our recommended partners.

Some of the key criteria that we have evaluated our partners on includes:

  • Guaranteeing the highest buyout offers
  • Providing options for cash advance to qualifying sellers
  • No high pressure tactics
  • Transparency in the process
  • Expertise in various state laws
  • Upstanding reputation
  • Better Business Bureau - A or greater rating

We hope that we can assist you to find the best possible buyer if you are ready to sell your annuity or structured settlement.